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How we started


Hand-designed, artisanal, small batch chocolate - made directly and simply from cacao beans to remarkable chocolate bars and confections!

Chocolate, a food known and beloved for thousands of years, with its earliest roots in Peruvian and Aztec cultures, remains today as delicious as ever, with a universal appeal. Nothing else tastes like chocolate. It is unique.

We use Trinitario cacao beans, directly purchased only from organic Fair-Trade sources in the Dominican Republic. No middle-people!

Our recipes are our own, and we make our dark chocolate as simply as possible. No lecithin, no vanillin, no added oils. Cacao beans, cocoa butter, natural raw cane sugar. That's it! Once you taste it, you will know what pure and natural chocolate tastes like. It's rich, it's sweet, it's definitely full-bodied chocolate - yet you will find a delicious complexity, a number of subtle, satisfying notes. Is that a fruity flavor? A carmel overtone? A tease of berry? Some smoky, dark note? It's all so delightfully delicious, it's a pleasure just to give in and immerse yourself in the experience.


We make chocolate just as you would wish it were made - directly from the cocoa bean, with a minimal number of simple, wholesome ingredients. We roast and peel ("winnow") our cocoa beans, grind them into a smooth, silky paste along with a small amount of sugar and some cocoa butter, and -- that's it! No additives, no artificial flavors, no other ingredients or processing at all.

After we make our chocolate, we wrap it and get it to you. And, late at night, after all is tidied and cleaned up and put away and the kitchen is quiet and dark and cozy - with the stars outside, and the moon gazing upon us, we secretly take all the leftover bits and the scraps that drizzled around, and we eats them. We admits it. We like this part of the business. It's because we like this so much that we want to share our chocolate with you!

© 2013 Bronx Grrl Chocolate. 50 E 168 Bronx NY 10452. All rights reserved.

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